Foothills Taxidermy Information - Field Care

Shoulder Mounts

  1. Do not cut the throat.
  2. Abdominal cut stops at the brisket, then cuts completely around the chest at the brisket.
  3. Cut around the knee continuing up the backside of front legs. Leaving the underarm area alone, cut over to brisket cut.
  4. Beginning at the base of the horns, cut down the top of the neck.
  5. Fold the skin with flesh side in.
  6. The cape should be frozen immediately or taken to a taxidermist within 24 hours.

Salting Techniques for Experienced Hunters

  1. Remove cape from the skull, splitting lips & ears.
  2. LIBERALLY salt skin with fine, non-iodized salt, making sure to pack salt into ears.
  3. Air-dry, keeping skin cool and dry, avoiding sun & rain.
  4. Shake off excess moisture from first salting, then repeat salting process. 
  5. Salted & unsalted skins can be frozen.


  1. Cut animal from tail to under head.
  2. Starting at feet, make front leg cuts from the middle of the wrist to the inside center of the chest.
  3. Starting from heels, make hind leg cuts to the tail following the backside of hind leg.
  4. Freeze immediately or take to taxidermist within 24 hours. If experienced, follow salting instructions.

We will make every effort to salvage materials. Care in the field, climatic conditions, and condition of specimen all affect the outcome of the hide. Bacteria can set in quickly and easily, causing slippage during tanning. We assume no responsibility or guarantee for the results of the tanning of any skin or mount.

Working at the taxidermy shop

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