Foothills Taxidermy Hunting Adventures

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresFoothills Taxidermy is owned and operated by Dan Grace, an avid bow and rifle hunter, with over 15 years of  hands-on taxidermy experience.  What began as a hobby to preserve family hunting trophies, soon expanded to include trophies for hunting buddies.  The word spread and in 2001, Dan and his son Jesse, established Foothills Taxidermy as a business.

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresHunts with Dan's favorite huntin' buddy continue with a yearly trek to Texas for guided hunts. Jesse and his wife, Melissa, now live in Boerne, Texas, where both have worked for hunting preserves for several years.

2015 Hunts

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresThe 2015 archery elk season was a great one for our great family friend Eric Harrison! He harvested his first elk ever with Jesse calling for him. Congrats buddy and we can't wait to hunt with you next year!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresWe had a new member to our elk hunting camp this year! Mitchel Grace took his first shot ever at a elk from 40 yards and made it perfect! Congratulations Mitchel!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresJesse Grace finally got his opportunity to hunt the white Whitetail. He scored on this awesome buck scoring 144"! This is a big deer for a white whitetail! Congratulations Jesse! and thank you to wild rivers whitetails!

2014 Hunts


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresIn 2014 Melissa Grace shot her biggest buck yet! This buck was 11 years old and had a 21" inside spread. Thanks Richard Allen for guiding and letting Melissa take this awesome buck!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresIt's back to bow hunting in Oregon! As you scroll through the pictures from previous years, you see our party hunting in Oregon, followed by another hunt in Montana or Idaho. If you look REAL close in this picture, you will also see an older version of me. I don't think I need to elaborate...steep cliffs, steep mountainsides, steep anything, for that matter, doesn't always set very well with older! So begins another phase of hunting adventures!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy son. Jesse, invited his friend, Eric, to join our hunting party for his first ever elk hunt. It was also his first trip to Oregon. Jesse and Eric work together at a ranch in Texas. Both are excellent guides--- birds, turkeys white tail and axis deer. I'm sure we'll be seeing Eric again, hunting in Oregon, of course!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresOur hunting area was heavily populated this year...with other hunters. It made our hunts challenging and limited our chances to find animals. My brother Mike, however, was the only one in our hunting party to harvest an elk! He had his animal down within the first ten minutes on his first day of the hunt!! A nice 5X6, his elk also had an unusual twist to his antlers... branched eye guards.We helped him pack out his animal and proceeded to butcher, wrap and freeze his animal back at camp. We set up our camp butchering shop and bring along a chest freezer that keeps meat frozen with the help of a generator. Everyone has a job, so it doesn't take long to put the animal in the freezer. It's been a great idea and nice to go home with the processing already done!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresWe're thrilled you got your animal, Mike! Great job hunting!

2013 Hunts


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresIn 2013 Melissa Grace shot her first deer ever! This is a great 8 point for a hill country whitetail.

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresIn 2013 Melissa grace harvested her Second deer ever. This type of deer is called a white whitetail and is only found on a couple of hunting preserves in the country! Thanks wild rivers whitetails for a great hunt!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresThat's a beauty, Jesse! It wasn't easy huntin', but you got the job done!

2012 Hunts


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresTime for change...

Montana won the vote this year for our out-of-state elk hunt. We've had a number of successful hunts in Idaho, but everyone was ready for a change this year. Our hunting party included myself and three younger guys (all in their early thirties), including my son, Jesse, along with his friends Curtis and Matt. I note the age difference for a very good reason. Western Montana is absolutely beautiful. However, I thought the hunting was extremely physical and in instances---treacherous! Those guys were climbing cliffs like mountain goats! In spite of it all, I was very successful bringing home this handsome bull. Eh, Idaho still gets my vote next year...


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresIt was back to eastern Oregon again for elk hunting bow season. Curtis Anderson, great friend and hunting buddy of my son, Jesse, joined me for the opening of this year's hunt. And, was I glad he did!  Curtis called in my biggest elk...EVER!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresThis picture tells it all...

It took a collaboration of efforts, including Curtis and another hunting party of good friends, to pack this big guy back to camp. Couldn't have done it without them. Thanks, guys!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresHunting buddy and friend, Richard Bellisario, along with his son, Nick, camped close-by for their eastern Oregon hunt. We cross paths each hunting season with a great group of hunters from our area, oftentimes, sharing the same camp. This year's elk hunting season was a success for Nick, with a little help from his dad, of course! Great hunting, Nick! (GREAT GUIDING, DAD!)

2011 Hunts


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresWhen spring rolls around in Oregon, it also means the spring bear hunting season has arrived!  I welcomed in the 2011 hunting year with a black bear wearing a beautiful chocolate brown coat. This spring's bear will make a nice bear rug worthy of conversation!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy hunting buddy for this year's Oregon elk season was my good friend, Tony. His successful hunt provided him with a nice elk. This year's success for me, on the other hand, was in the adventure of the year!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresI always look forward to going to Idaho for several reasons...My favorite hunting buddy, Jesse (my oldest son) is always there, along with one of my all-time hunting favorites, Curtis. And, the Idaho elk are awesome! The hunting is incredibly hard---even for the young bucks! We do, however, always come away satisfied with our hunting adventures regardless of our harvest!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresIt's a treat to hunt with Jesse. He called in my elk and deserved to share in this moment of satisfaction.

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting Adventures"Thanks" also goes to Curtis, who helped bring the elk back to camp. Those two guys are appreciated, especially when it comes to strong backs and muscle power!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresCan't pass up a good grouse dinner while in Idaho!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresTony won the luck of the draw when it came time for the 2011 special control goat hunt in Oregon. I was invited to join Tony on his hunt. We climbed the mountains by horseback, outside of Joseph, Oregon, to an elevation of 8000-9000'. The outfitter dropped us off at a base camp located near Ice Lake we called home for 3 days. Tony harvested this beautiful goat on the first morning of the hunt. It was a very difficult hunt because of the altitude and terrain. We enjoyed fishing the nearby lake before calling the outfitter for pick-up. What an experience!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresYou definitely want to be in good physical shape to go on this goat hunt. We took this picture practically standing sideways on the mountain!

2010 Hunts


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresCurtis kicked off the elk season harvesting a deer!  Deer are not always an easy hunt in our favorite elk country, so this was a nice surprise.

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresAnd, it didn't take long before Curtis also took this beautiful elk! Worth smiling about...good huntin' Curtis! 

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresNext, it was my turn!  I'm pleased with my 2010 Oregon elk.  Some years, you hunt for the provision it puts on the dinner table.  It's great to know  our freezer isn't empty!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy longstanding friend and hunting buddy, Richard, didn't go home empty-handed!  We enjoyed another year of good huntin' together!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting Adventures For the second half of this year's hunt, it was on to the rugged panhandle of Idaho.  Hard hunting...that's all I can say about it!  My son, Jesse, Curtis and I braved it out and this year's Idaho trip brought me a nice elk!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresOf course, Curtis wasn't going home empty-handed!  He rarely walks away without a harvested animal to brag about!  His elk definitely is worthy of bragging!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresOkay folks...who won?!!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresIt goes without saying, hunting would not be hunting without my son, Jesse!  I look forward to his yearly trips back to the Northwest to hunt with me. He's a hunting guide by excellent one for sure (I have trophies on my walls to prove it!).  Jesse is always ready to help everyone in camp get an animal.  This year he didn't go home with anything, but memories huntin' with his dad and good friend, Curtis. By the way, we didn't fly or drive up to this picturesque location...we hiked it all the way!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresThese two are a ton of fun AND are good at driving me crazy!  I had an awesome time, as always, with Jesse and Curtis.  I actually kept up with these two young bucks on our killer hikes.  Family, friends and a good hard hunt are what hunting is all about!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy good friend, Tony, enjoyed an awesome start for the 2010 hunting season with his first harvest of the year...great bear hunt, Tony!

2009 Hunts


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresEastern Oregon was the home of this year's bow season elk hunt. My son, Jesse, and I set-up camp for the entire month of September. 10 hunters came throughout the month for one of the most successful elk hunting seasons we've enjoyed. 8 hunters filled elk tags, taking home well earned trophies. I harvested my majestic elk during the first week of the biggest elk to date! I was able to assist other hunters with calling and packing out animals for the duration of the hunt. We also spent some worthwhile afternoons fishing a nearby lake. This year's elk hunt adventure was truly a memorable one!  

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresJesse makes a yearly trek from Texas to elk hunt in Oregon. He took his fine elk midway through the hunt. Great trophy, Jess! As a professional guide, it was natural to help others with calling and packing for the rest of the hunt. I always look forward to sharing my elk hunts with my favorite huntin' buddy!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy good friend and hunting buddy, Richard, was pleased to take home this nice elk. His elk hunting season was complete when he brought his son, Nick, back for his elk hunt. Keep scrolling to see Nick's trophy!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresI was pleased when my second son, Jeremiah, made it up to hunt this year! And, we were both very pleased when he walked away with this nice spike bull! Jeremiah hasn't been able to come on many hunts over the past few years. Hopefully, this year's hunt will linger in his memories so we will have him hunting with us again next year. Good huntin' Jeremiah!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy brother, Mike, enjoys the outdoors and has been a faithful bow hunter for many years. This year, he took his first bull elk and was very pleased with his trophy. Congratulations, Mike! It's worth hanging in there when someone hunts hard and is determined... like Mike.

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresBilly is hooked on elk hunting! This is the second year he made the trip from Texas with Jesse to hunt for elk. He's smiling for a trophy reason! Impressive for filling an elk tag for the first time...wouldn't you say? Job well done, Billy!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresJesse's longtime friend and hunting buddy, Curtis, also harvested his grandest elk ever, during our fantastic elk hunt. Curtis is a very good hunter and has filled a number of elk tags, topping them all with this beautiful trophy. Great hunting, Curtis!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresRichard was beaming when his son, Nick, walked away with his first bull elk. The other guys initiated him into the happy hunter hall of trophies for filling his first elk tag with such an awesome elk. We know your dad is proud of you, are the rest of us!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresIt was back to Texas for the graduation of our daughter-in-law, Nichole, from Air Force basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. We were pleased to be there to watch her graduate with honors! I was also pleased to squeeze in a couple of hunts during the trip...after all, I was in Texas! This beautiful Axis confirmed my thoughts that scheduling in hunts was the right thing to do!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresReason #2 that sneaking in the hunts was definitely a winning decision!


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy good hunting buddy, Richard Bellisario, had one week-end during the spring bear season to get in a hunt to fill his bear tag. I spotted this great bear for him...and he made his only bear hunt for the season an awesome success! Your welcome, Richard!

2008 Hunts


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresI was fortunate to harvest this nice buck on a hunt to fill my 600 series tag.


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy son, Jesse, and I planned our Canadian moose hunt for 2 years.  We chose Eureka Peak Lodge & Outfitters to guide us on our long awaited hunt.  Located in the beautiful mountains outside of 100 Mile House, B.C., we found the lodge and outfitters a welcome site after our long drive from Oregon to the lodge. 

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresThe days throughout our hunt were mostly warm and sunny, providing us with colorful sites like the flowers continuing to bloom at the main lodge.  The country held a beauty of its own.

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresI was pleased to take this mule deer.  Our guide, Tyler, was a very good guide as well as an entertaining one!    

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresJesse was the winner on this hunting trip!  He was one proud hunter to take home this great bull. 

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresYep, it was a big one.  It took both Jesse and Tyler to carry out the antlers and hide.  Jesse and I both came away from Eureka Peak Lodge pleased with our first Canada hunt.  If you are interested in booking a Canadian moose hunt, check out:


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresCurtis Anderson belongs to our faithful group of Idaho wilderness, die hard hunters.  We never know from year to year what this rugged country has in store for us.  This year's provision for Curtis was a nice black bear.  Keep up the good hunting, Curtis!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresBecause hunting the Idaho Panhandle is physically exhausting and finding the animals requires strategy and work, every animal is a trophy!  This bull took a couple of long, painful packing trips out of a steep canyon. My good friend, Richard Bellisario helped me pack out my Idaho bull.  Thanks, Richard! 


Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresHunting Oregon proved to be one of my best elk hunts!  This is my biggest bull to date.  

MAY---Uvalde, Texas

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresSitting in a blind in the hot, humid Texas heat is a complete change from hunting in the steep mountains of the panhandle of Idaho. I finally took this beautiful axis deer "on the morning of the last day of the last hunt". My guide, Brad, helped me hang in there with his humor and great guiding expertise. I've been trying to take an axis deer with bow for the past five years...

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresJesse and I were both pleased to take our hogs the first evening of the hunt with our bows!  Night hunting for these animals is quite the experience! 

2007 Hunts

SEPTEMBER---Idaho Panhandle Hunt

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresThe Panhandle of Idaho offers the next thing to a wilderness hunt with some of its killer canyons and steep climbs. It is no surprise that Curtis Anderson was beaming when he took this nice bull the first evening of his hunt.  Good hunting, Curtis!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy son, Jesse, joins Curtis to show off another angle of the great bull.

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy bull may not have been as impressive as the one Curtis took, but he was well worth all the effort that went into the hunt.

MAY---Uvalde, Texas

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresThis year's Texas trip took me back for 4 days of hard hunting for axis deer with my son, Jesse.  He's a great guide, but the elusive axis deer left our tags unfilled. The final 4 days of my hunting trip, Jesse and I headed south to Uvalde, Texas. I was pleased to walk away with an oryx and a black buck.

2006 Hunts

SEPTEMBER---Idaho Panhandle Hunt

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy second hunt to the Idaho Panhandle proved to be very successful with this bull, one of the largest bull elk I have taken.  Idaho will continue to be on my hunting agenda in years to come.  It's hard hunting, but exciting!

SEPTEMBER---Oregon Hunt

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy good friend, Richard Bellasario, took this nice elk on one of our Oregon hunts.  Our camp, as you can see, was very successful this year.

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresMy hunt proved to be successful with this great bull.  I enjoy my yearly hunts in Oregon, especially when I walk away with a trophy!

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresWho do you think won this year's biggest bull elk trophy?!

JUNE---Boerne, Texas

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresFoothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresTexas is hot in June.  I mean really hot!  Jesse took me on some guided hunts, but I also spent many hours in a blind, decked out in full camo, waiting for my trophy.  I got a little nervous when a 5+ foot rattlesnake decided to check things out, but spent most of my time hunting for my trophy axis deer.  It was worth all the sweat and waiting!   


2005 Hunts

SEPTEMBER---Idaho Panhandle Hunt

Foothills Taxidermy Hunting AdventuresOur trip to the Idaho Panhandle was unbelievable.  We somehow found ourselves winding up and down narrow roads that could barely contain my trailor! This was our first trip to the Panhandle, so it was learn as we go!  I was pleased to harvest this fine bull elk.  Next year, we'll go a different route! 

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